EagleEyeIT understands the unique informational technology challenges architectural firms face, including architects needing their computer tools 24/7 and design softwares placing a heavy burden on system requirements. That's why our architecture clients love our proactive system optimizations and quick response to support issues.


EagleEye IT has served non-profit clients for many years and has developed an expertise in understanding the industry’s unique culture, goals, and operations. Before engaging EagleEye IT, our non-profit clients often experienced rising costs and limited resources in one (sometimes part-time) IT personnel. In some cases, we were able to reduce overhead costs for our non-profits by as much as 40% while increasing coverage to 24/7.

Banking & Financial Services

Many financial services businesses are operating on an outdated, patched, and cobbled together IT system, losing thousands of dollars in lost productivity in the process. EagleEye IT helps financial services companies regain their competitive edge by modernizing their IT infrastructures and upgrading business platforms.