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Full-Time IT

At Part-Time Costs


01 / Help Desk

Help desk and real time IT support with minimal waiting and downtime.

02 / 24/7 Monitoring

Around the clock monitoring to ensure availability and performance.

03 / Best Practices

EagleEye IT stays up to date with the network support & best practices for your company.

04 / On-Site

As not everything can be handled remotely, EagleEye provides pre-scheduled routine On-Site support visits for clients.

05 / Data Backup & Recovery

EagleEye IT will work to optimally create a backup / disaster recovery (BDR) plan that will fit your needs.

06 / Cloud

EagleEye IT will assist with the installation/migration and maintenance of internal functions to popular cloud based solutions.


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MEET EagleEye IT

EagleEye IT delivers IT Vigilance - a preemptive and affordable outsourced IT solution for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.


We are committed to helping our clients reduce their bottom line by providing full time IT support at part time costs.

Contact EagleEye IT if you have one or more of these scenarios. We can help!

Through the roof hourly IT bills


Overworked IT department


Limited IT support or none at all


Special IT needs & projects