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01 / Help Desk & Real Time Remediation

Employee productivity and ability to work effectively and efficiently IS vital, even more so in today’s virtual environments!  Prompt direct access to addressing issues, whether directly through their system or via phone support with an end-user, EagleEye has the ability to quickly initiate and facilitate LIVE remote remediation. Experience has proven that over 90% of issues can be remotely resolved...and usually in less than 20 minutes.  Whether you have 20 users in one office, 20 offices across the country, or 20 users working from home, EagleEye provides a live 24/7 Help Desk to assist end-users at any time of the day or night.

02 / 24/7 Monitoring & IT Vigilance

The key component of EagleEye IT is our 24/7 IT Vigilance Live Monitoring. Our sophisticated monitoring platform keeps “eyes-on” your network: servers, routers, firewalls, connectivity, MS Exchange/Office365, etc., including hardware optimization, performance, stability, capacity, and vulnerabilities. This process enables us to identify many problems and potential issues that could affect your security or productivity before they disrupt your business.

03 / Best Practices

EagleEye IT stays up to date with the technology best practices for you company, so you can focus on your company, and not on IT. We analyze and implement changes needed for today’s network environments, based on YOUR network, your business, your uniqueness!. We work with an array of tools/resources needed to protect and maintain your environment. With more employee working from home we can create custom environments for remote connectivity. Add in policies for improved versatility, so users can easily access their files remotely.

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04 / On-Site

As not everything can be handled remotely, EagleEye provides pre-scheduled routine On-Site support visits for clients, depending on service plan. 


Visits are coordinated with each client, to fit best practices and optimization for their business.  In addition, EagleEye also provides On-Site Support for any/all issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

05 / Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

EagleEye IT will work to optimally create a backup / disaster recovery (BDR) plan that will fit your needs! From true multi-destination, multi-schedule backups adapted to meet your needs and budget to On-site or Cloud solutions, designed for faster recovery.


We offer fully flexible monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or instant backup; scheduling to copy your entire backup chain to a redundant location for archiving or disaster recovery. EagleEye has partnered with an array of Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions, if you need something more robust. We also work with larger BDR/NAS devices that can be preloaded with backup, recovery, and virtualization tools, and have your network up and running in no time.

06 / Cloud

EagleEye IT will assist with the installation/migration and maintenance of internal functions to popular cloud based solutions. This includes but not limited to:


  • Microsoft Exchange to Office 365

  • Microsoft Exchange to Gmail

  • Gmail to Office 365

  • Microsoft Active directory to Azure solutions (cloud based servers)

  • Cloud based backups (SolarWinds/Veem/Barracuda to name a few)

  • Cloud based antivirus (TrendMicro, Bitdefender, MalwareBytes, etc)

  • Addition cloud based spam filtering solutions


Allow us to come in and fully customize a solution that will meet your needs.

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