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EagleEye IT is a leading Southern California Managed IT Services provider specializing in supporting the technical needs of small and medium businesses throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.  With more than 25 years of  experience in providing turnkey IT support & IT consulting services for enterprise level clients, the principals of EagleEye IT joined forces to provide SMBs the same level of technical expertise, rapid response, and commitment to quality once only available to larger companies.


Affordable If you currently utilize outsourced IT vendors, EagleEye IT will deliver more comprehensive and timely IT support services at a more affordable rate. If you utilize internal staff, can you afford to have them perform crucial administrative and maintenance tasks often at the expense of more pressing priorities? EagleEye IT provides the tools to augment their responsibilities with IT Vigilance for as little as $20 per desktop or $70 per server each month.


IT Vigilance The best way to ensure network productivity, reduce costly downtime and maintain security is to have 24/7 live monitoring of your network. As an SMB, how can you do this? EagleEye IT devotes “eyes-on” technicians to catch and resolve problems, security concerns or performance issues before they cause downtime and loss of productivity.


Pre-Emptive EagleEye IT's technicians make sure that critical network administration tasks are performed on time. The latest OS updates and security patches are promptly installed to reduce your vulnerability. You also receive written documentation to validate that your network and devices are current.


SMB Friendly EagleEye IT serves small-to-midsize businesses starting with 15 desktops. Too many businesses take the huge risk of having insufficient IT support. Until you experience the paralyzing effect of network downtime, you may not fully appreciate the value of IT Vigilance with 24/7 live monitoring, prompt remote problem resolution and help desk. EagleEye IT will help to assure higher levels of network availability, performance and security.

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